Sunflowers with Signed Distance Functions

Here is something I did for my Procedural Graphics class. The power of Math!!! Click the image to see the lighting change as the day progresses (there are even some fireflies at night). Click here to view the code on Github click here or on the image to see movie

CSS Hoverable Icon with SVG

So it all started with the rather trivial task of adding icons with hover states to a list of downloads. After spending way to much time on such a simple task, the result was learning quite a bit about different ways to use SVG in combination with CSS so I thought I would share the […]

Simple Design Principles

So back in February I attended a talk by Adam Wathan at Sunshine PHP entitled “Applying the Ruls of Simple Design Principles“. I have been programming for 32 years (if you count moving the turtle around in logo). Usually at conferences I gravitate toward whatever architecture/concept/framework is the new hotness, so I was expecting some […]

Oracle APEX: Making a Checkbox Tree

Let me start by saying I love APEX Interactive Reports.  It is the one aspect of APEX that allows me to rapidly churn out various reports that can then be modified by end users.  However, there are end users, and then there are end users.  Not every user can be expected to pick up all the […]

Oracle APEX Data Loader Part 1: Adding Custom Columns 2

I both love and hate Oracle Apex.  I love that it is so easy to get a simple project up and running. I hate that it is so hard when diverging from the standard practices. Recently I was charged with creating a way to import data into a table by uploading a text file. I […]

Oracle Apex Interactive Report Repeating Header

So the absolute best part of Oracle Apex is the Interactive Report. It is easy to create, and most importantly, easy for the users to customize. However, one thing I constantly run to when the number of rows exceeds more than just a few is that the headers scroll off the screen.  You then loose easy […]

JRWeth up and running!

So it has been over 10 years since I created a website (  As that one is a bit out of date and I feel like I need something a bit more professional, I decided to bite the bullet and create this new site.  This has also been spurred on by the fact that I […]

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